Plantar warts are caused by a viral infection of the human papillomavirus (HPV). They are very common, especially among young adults. Most people get them at some point during their life. While they are usually harmless, sometimes they can cause pain or discomfort. A plantar wart is a type of skin lesion. It develops on the bottom surface of the foot. It starts out as a bump that grows into a wart. These growths are often painful and unsightly.

Conventional Plantar Wart Treatments

Houston podiatrist recommends the safe Swift microwave treatment to cure plantar wartsThere are several ways to treat these warts, including using over-the-counter medications, salicylic acid,  laser, cryotherapy, and surgery. Each of these therapies use brute force to destroy the wart tissue. The problem is that traditional treatment can injure the healthy tissue surrounding the wart. This can cause them to be painful. Sometimes it's even dangerous to the healthy skin. It's possible for the wart to spread, instead of resolve. 

How Swift Microwave Therapy Work

Swift is an advanced technology used to remove warts safely and effectively. Unlike other methods such as cryotherapy and laser therapy, Swift does not damage the surrounding tissues. Instead, it uses low-dose microwave energy to heat up the water molecules and expose the virus to your immune system. Once the virus has been destroyed, it cannot grow back. So there won't be any more warts after the course of therapy with Swift. And because it doesn't cause tissue damage, you'll be able to walk normally right away. 

What is the Course of Therapy with Swift?

Treating your plantar warts with Swift is a quick experience, but an effective treatment. Two seconds of microwave energy is applied to each wart using a specialized probe. This is repeated five times. That's it! There's no bleeding or blistering. There's no bandaging necessary. 

You'll return in one month to have your wart examined. Generally, it takes up to 3-4 treatments with Swift to treat a plantar wart. Believe it or not, we've seen them go away in just one session!

Is it Safe to Treat My Plantar Wart with Swift?

Yes! Swift Microwave Therapy is designed to only affect the tissue infected by the virus that causes your wart. The healthy tissue adjacent to the warts are not affected. This means there's no scarring that can cause ongoing pain. 
Some patients feel some level of discomfort during the Swift treatment. This occurs when towards the end of the energy pulse. The good news is that the discomfort does not last. You don't even need a band aid after treatment. Our patients return to running, playing ball, and all of their daily activities the same day as their treatment with Swift. 

Will I Still Get New Warts After My Treatment With Swift?

No. If you receive Swift treatment for your plantar warts, you should never get new ones. Your body is naturally healing itself. Studies have shown that there is less than a 1% chance of the treated warts returning after being treated with Swift. No other treatment can say that!

How Do I Schedule to Get My Plantar Warts Treated with Swift?

It couldn't be easier to get your warts treated with Swift Therapy. Contact our Houston podiatry office. Dr. Andrew Schneider will examine your warts to see if you are a candidate for Swift. (Spoiler alert: if you have a wart, you're a candidate!) Contact us for an immediate appointment.