Our office was one of the first in Houston to offer Swift treatment for plantar warts. Because of that, we have had plenty of experience with the treatment. We have found Swift to be the most predictable way to treat plantar warts. It works to eliminate warts in kids and adults. Recent studies have shown that, once treated, there is less than a 1% chance of the plantar wart returning.

How Does Swift Wart Treatment Work?

Swift Wart Treatment in HoustonThe science behind Swift is novel. A plantar wart is a manifestation of a form of the HPV virus. Ordinarily, the virus contained within the wart is shielded by proteins. These proteins cloak the virus, making your immune system unable to detect it.

The energy emitted from the Swift treatment exposes the virus to your immune system. This allows your immune system to detect the virus and fight it. This immune response is what makes the Swift treatment for plantar warts so effective.

How is Swift Wart Treatment Different from Other Wart Treatments?

Swift Wart Treatment works differently than all other types of wart treatments. The conventional treatment for a wart uses brute force to destroy the wart tissue. There’s no telling how many treatments are necessary before the wart goes away. If even a microscopic portion of the wart is left behind, it will come back shortly after treatment. How frustrating!

Conventional treatments leave open wounds or painful blisters after treatment.  That leads to pain and dressing changes for days after treatment. After going through that, you'd expect the wart to be gone. But time and time again, the wart persists.

The Swift Wart Treatment is much more predictable. The wart is treated in up to three sessions. We’ve seen warts resolve with one treatment using Swift, but most require two to three treatments. Also, there is no wound created by Swift. That means, no pain or bandage needed after the treatment. Most importantly, once the wart is gone it stays gone. That’s the added benefit of Swift Wart Treatment.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment for Swift Wart Treatment?

Swift Wart Treatment is always available in our Houston podiatry office. The treatment itself takes under five minutes. Because of that, we can treat you on the same day we diagnose your wart. If you have recently found a wart on your foot, contact the office to schedule an appointment. We will be able to see if Swift Wart Treatment is right for you.

If you’ve had a wart for a long time and nothing has been able to resolve it, Swift will still be an effective choice. We love nothing more than treating longstanding warts. Let's see how this innovative technology causes those warts to disappear.