Some foot pain get worse at night, but rest assured, relief is available!Night is supposed to be a time for healing, but some conditions make your feet hurt when you sleep. Even if your feet hurt during the day, most foot pain sufferers expect to experience some relief when they lie down for the night. Unfortunately, some conditions continue to nag at you while you try to sleep. Here are three of the worst nighttime foot pain culprits. 

Peripheral Neuropathy Makes Feet Hurt When You Sleep

This painful condition is a common problem for people whose feet hurt at night. Peripheral neuropathy is a nerve disorder (often associated with diabetes.) It can cause pain, tingling and/or and numbness in your hands and feet. The pain of peripheral neuropathy is often worse at night. That's because the pressure of a day spent on your feet can cause them to feel a bit numb by the time you crawl into bed.

Now, diabetes isn't the only cause of neuropathy. It can develop with alcoholism, AIDS, chemotherapy, radiation, or poor nutrition. But no matter the reason, neuropathy shows up with the same symptoms. Signs of neuropathy include weakness, numbness, burning, tickling, pricking or tingling and pain in the legs and/or feet. 

Luckily, we have lots of ways to treat peripheral neuropathy in our Houston podiatry practice. First of all, if you're diabetic, we have to get your blood sugar levels under control. Then, we can look at medications, both oral and topical, that can offer pain relief for neuropathy.  And then there's an exciting option that deals with nutrition. Supplements that contain vitamins B1, B6, and B12 are helpful to fight against neuropathy.

Morton's Neuroma Trigger Foot Pain at Night Foot pain when you sleep can strike at any age

Here's another problem that makes your feet hurt in bed: Morton’s neuroma. With this condition, the tissue thickens around the nerves leading to your toes.  This problem often develops when the bones between your third and fourth toe pinch together, compressing your nerve. Ill-fitting footwear can contribute to this condition. And, in many cases, custom orthotics can help relieve some of that pressure. So you can sleep through the night without foot pain. 

When you have a Morton’s neuroma, your nerve becomes painfully inflamed and enlarged. The pain is often worse at night because wearing shoes all day (especially the wring kind) increases the pressure on the tender nerve area. I can diagnose Morton’s neuroma in my office, after finding the location of your pain and when you notice symptoms. Remember, Morton’s neuroma pain will get worse if you don't seek treatment. Which could mean waking up in the night with foot pain, or numbness and pain in your toes. Since these are common Morton's neuroma symptoms. 

Now, since pinching bones contribute to Morton's neuroma pain, we'll start by changing your shoes. You'll need wider sneakers or loafers to take pressure off your metatarsal bones and your nerves. I'll also steer you away from high heels. And, like I said, I may suggest fitting you for custom orthotics. 

Also, if Morton's neurom pain keeps you up at night, we can provide anti-inflammatory medication. I also offer cortisone injections for Morton's neuroma pain. Which often gives you lasting pain relief, so you can sleep through the night. In some cases, you'll need  surgery for persistant neuroma pain. But that would be an option to explore after less invasive neuroma treatments. Because I love to offer alternatives to foot surgery, whenever I can.  

Stopping Foot Pain for Better Sleep 

Now we've reviewed two foot conditions that keep you up at night. But I don't want this information to keep you up at night! Instead, I want to stop your worries. Because here's the good news: pain relief is available. 

And for those patients dealing with Morton’s Neuroma? We've got just as many options! We provide a range of treatments, from lifestyle changes and orthotics to shockwave therapy, injections and more. Yes, foot surgery is sometimes necessary. But is never the first option introduced.

I want you to know that you don't have to lose sleep to foot pain. But I can't help you if you stay in your bed and out of my office. So if foot pain keeps you up all night, it's time to make a change! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider first thing in the morning! Pain relief is available, sooner than you think!

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