If you're sluggish or in pain, you may need to stop running for a whileThe call of the road is real to a runner, but there is such a thing as too much training. As we all know, over-training can lead to burnout, injury and, ultimately, set you back much farther than any boost in fitness you may have enjoyed from pushing yourself those extra miles.

But, aside from actually sustaining an injury, how do you know when you need to stop running for a bit and give yourself a break?

I came across these 5 warning signs from educational consultant and runner Jason Saltmarsh on The Huffington Post that indicate it’s time for a break. If you’re experiencing any one of these, build in a few rest days to your regimen and schedule an appointment with your Houston running doctor to rule out any injury that may already be present.

5 Signs You Need a Rest From Running

Increased Resting Heart Rate

Check your heart rate when you wake up. An increase over time could mean you’re overtraining.

General Fatigue

If you feel like just getting through the day is a challenge, you may be doing too much.

Trouble Sleeping

Too much training can disrupt your circadian rhythm and make sleeping through the night impossible.


Is your temper on high? Do you feel down about your running? Try backing off a bit so you can feel that runner’s high again.

Lingering Muscle Soreness

A little bit if that ‘good’ soreness is ok after a long run, but if pain lingers, is only in one spot or gets worse over time, you may be on your way to a running injury. Take a break to stay healthy.
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