Houston podiatrist discusses motivation to runThere are days when you just don’t feel like heading outdoors to run or are just unmotivated to hop onto a treadmill. Some days you just want to rest and relax…which is good. But sometimes those lazy days string themselves together and you realize you haven’t gone for a run for a while. Either that or you may force yourself to go for a run since you’ve had too long of a long break. Forcing yourself to run isn’t the worst thing, but sometimes it becomes robotic and you no longer enjoy the run like you should. And sometimes it's just the hot, humid Houston weather....not the most inviting weather temperature!

This quote from Terrence Mahon in Runner’s World magazine explains:
“The body gets really good at doing what you ask it to do. Once you have a mastery or proficiency in a routine, you’ll no longer experience new gains in fitness. You’ve got to add different elements of stress."

Yes, your body gets used to the intensity of your runs and the activities you do. It is always a good idea to change up your routine or your body will become truly efficient and it will burn fewer calories to continue to do what it has been doing. If you are trying to lose or maintain weight, sometimes changing little things like your workout environment will add the different elements of stress that Terrence Mahon mentions to help you do that.

It is difficult to get out of a routine you’ve become accustomed to, but just adding a little flavor to it to break the monotony can inspire any runner. Plus, it will give you a new incentive. You may even find your second wind to help you keep on running to surpass your prior mileage.

Some suggested changes any runner can add to their routine run are changing the scenery (i.e. picking a different trail or path), having a friend run with you which will give you a new incentive to talk which will help with your aerobic exercise, increasing your miles by running further and farther, or by increasing your intensity by trying to run for a time goal per mile. You can also challenge yourself by joining a running club or group. It’s always easier to run in a pack.

Little things like this will change up your run and push your body through the same old routine. Creating new routines are key to keeping in shape so your fitness level does not plateau.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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