Looking for Keryflex nail restoration near me? Or just searching for ways to cover up damaged or fungal toenails? Our Houston podiatrist office is here to help! Here’s what you need to know. 

What Causes Toenail Damage?  Keryflex nail restoration near me before and after

So many causes can change the appearance of your toenails, making them look thick, yellow or crumbly. Of course, the number one culprit is a fungal toenail infection. (More on that in a minute.) But any type of toenail trauma, whether it’s from an accident or from running, can change the appearance of your nail—usually for the worst. 

Now, I can clear up a fungal toenail infection—I’ll tell you how in a minute. And I can help heal your nail from trauma. Or if it turned black from too much running

But here’s the deal: most of these treatments take time. And during that recovery period, your nail still won’t look its best. Nor will you be able to wear your favorite nail polish. Or even get a pretty pedicure. 
In some cities, that wouldn’t be a big deal except in summer. Here in Houston, though, almost every day is a sandal day. And that’s why I wanted to help my patients restore the appearance of their toenails while treating the underlying cause of the changes in appearance. Which is why I offer Keryflex nail restoration near me. 

Treating Fungal Toenails

Walk into any pharmacy, and you’ll see shelves filled with over-the-counter fungal toenail treatments. Sadly, they don’t work because they can’t go through the nail to reach the source of infection. That’s why, as a podiatrist in Houston, TX, I use prescription-strength oral or topical medications that effectively target toenail fungus. Before prescribing oral medications, I’ll check your liver function to make sure you can tolerate treatments that enter your bloodstream. (Most people can, but I like to act cautiously.) Not a candidate for oral medications, or forgetful when it comes to taking pills? No problem: we can turn to topical medications that work well, though not quite as effectively as oral prescriptions. And, while both do a good job at getting rid of fungus, you’ll still wait for up to a year before your new, healthy nail grows in completely. 

Keryflex Nail Restoration Near Me: An Aesthetic Solution

If you think a year sounds like a long time to live without a healthy nail, I agree! That’s why 
Tanglewood Foot Specialists was one of the first podiatry practices in Houston, TX to offer Keryflex nail restoration near me. With this procedure, I can give you a flexible, durable artificial nail. It looks and acts like your real toenail: you can shape, file and polish your KeryFlex nail. Or, if you prefer a natural look, the Keryflex toenail can be left untouched, looking just like a natural nail. 

How Does it Work? keryflex nail restoration

If you choose KeryFlex nail restoration, you’ll come see me for an in-office procedure. This is a three-part process. First, we apply a bonding agent so your Keryflex nail can stay in place. Next comes the resin nail (available in three different colors, transparent, natural and opaque. I’ll help you pick the best match for your skin tone and the state of your underlying natural nail.) Finally, we give you a top coat of UV light to harden the resin nail and help it stay put.  

What exactly is in the resin we apply? Sourced in Germany, this material has been carefully designed to mimic the look of a healthy, natural nail after hardening. That way, you can wear flip flops, or hit the pool or beach, without worrying about your nail appearance—or damaging this interim nail solution. 

But what about that bonding agent, you wonder? Isn’t it a bad idea to ‘glue’ something to a damaged toenail? Never fear! The resin and bonding agent I use for Keryflex nail restoration doesn’t bond directly to your skin.  Instead, it establishes a barrier that allows us to continue treating your nail infection beneath the false nail. And it does so without causing skin irritation or interfering with healing. Even better? Keryflex nails move when your foot moves. So you never have to worry about running, kicking a ball, or making a major splash in the pool.  All while your new, natural, healthy nail keeps healing and regrowing under this Keryflex cover! 

Who Can Choose Keryflex Nail Restoration Near Me? 

Most patients are good candidates for this nail restoration system. It’s a great solution for people who are in the midst of fungal nail treatments, because the Keryflex nail allows your natural nail to re-grow, undisturbed. Plus, it leaves room for you to apply topical antifungal medications, if that’s the treatment route you’re on. 

Also, the interim nail I apply is flexible yet strong. So I can recommend this nail restoration system to even my most active runners and athletes. Plus, I can tell my hard-core pedicure devotees that Keryflex will work for you. Because you can apply and change out nail polish colors with this new resin nail, since it can stand up to hot water, as well as the acetone and chemicals you’ll find in traditional polishes and removal products. 

Now, there are some patients who shouldn’t choose Keryflex nail restoration. If you have neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease (PVD), arterial insufficiency or chronic ingrown toenails, we may need to find a different solution during your nail healing period. You may also need to avoid Keryflex if you’re pregnant or nursing, but your OB or pediatrician should help you make that decision. 

Choosing Nail Restoration in Houston TX

Now that you understand that healing damaged nails is a lengthy process, I’m sure you’ll see the value of restoring the appearance of your nail while you heal. But here’s the best part of getting a Keryflex nail: there’s no waiting around with this solution. 

In fact, the minute you step out of my office, you can get back to living. (And showing off your new nail.) It can get wet immediately, so you can enjoy a same-day swim or shower. Heck, you can go give yourself a pedicure right after I apply that new nail. Sounds pretty great, right? 

If you’re sick of hiding ugly toenails under socks or closed-toed shoes, this could be your pathway back to sandals. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider today. We can treat your damaged toenail, and give you a good-looking resin nail to let you live your best life while you heal.