Choose the Best Running Socks during Socktober

Back in 2011, eight-year-old Matthew Johnson declared October to be Socktober month, and launched a sock drive for homeless people through the Socks from the Heart to the Homeless foundation. Now in the midst of its fourth year, little Matthew’s drive has already gathered 6000 pairs of socks for homeless and needy individuals.

In the spirit of the month, I urge you to donate something to this worthy cause (they have expanded their scope to include new underwear, t-shirts and diapers.) I also want to educate you a little about the importance of socks to your foot health, especially when you go running.

As a Houston podiatrist, I see a lot of people who have injured their feet or ankles while running. But did you know that choosing the right socks could mean the difference between a great run and awful foot pain?

When you wear ill-fitting or thin socks, blisters can be a big problem during a run. Here are some great socks to choose from, courtesy of Runner’s World: Special running socks like these prevent foot pain

  • The Wrightsock Stride socks have two layers that are stitched together at toe and heel; it’s like wearing two socks without that bulky feeling
  • Brooks Infiniti Double Tab Mesh socks are cut specifically, so that there is a clear left and right foot. There are also padded strips to protect the top of the foot and the base of the big toe.
  • New Balance Technical Elite NBx socks have cushions in the forefoot and heel, and are made of ventilated mesh for a lighter feel during races or intense runs.
  • Smartwool PhD Run Ultralight Mini socks have proved to be great for long runs because of extra wool in the toes and heels; elastic bands in the arch and ankle keep socks from moving around as the miles add up

These are just a few of the great sock options available to runners. The key to keeping your feet comfortable while you exercise is to pick he socks that fit you best and meet your running needs, so test out a few pairs to find your favorite.

For more tips on how to avoid injury and discomfort during exercise, stay tuned to this blog or come see Dr. Andrew Schneider at Tanglewood Foot Specialists. Happy Socktober everyone.

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