Is your child heading to day or sleep away camp or has already come home from being away? While camp days offer our kids so much carefree fun, did you know that camping can also cause big problems for developing feet? Read on for your Houston podiatrist’s tips for protecting your child’s feet during and after their camping days.

  1. Invest in good-quality running shoes for your child with lots of support and cushioning. With all the walking, running and hiking campers do, their feet need the protection. Open-toed shoes of any kind are a real no-no.
  2.  Check your kids’ feet for warts or athlete’s foot, as these infections can spread to other campers like wildfire in shared showers and on pool decks. (You should definitely do this again when camp is over too, since these are two of the most common foot problems returning campers will experience.)
  3.  Pack lots of cotton socks for your camper, and make sure they know to always wear socks with their sneakers. Not only will doing so help prevent blisters, it will also give kids a moisture-absorbing layer between their skin and their shoes to help prevent fungal growth. Even if your child is just going to day camp, consider sticking an extra pair of socks in his or her backpack every day.
  4. When applying sunscreen, don’t forget to include the tops of your child’s feet if he or she is wearing sandals, as well as the delicate skin on the front of the ankles and lower legs.
  5. Tell your child never to share shoes with friends, because any germs or fungus living in the shoe can be passed along from child to child.
  6. Tell your kids to always check their laces—untied shoestrings can be a major tripping hazard and nothing can ruin a summer like a sprained or broken ankle.

Summer is the time of year when kids get to spend the whole day outdoors, playing, swimming and having a blast, but it’s hard to do that if their feet hurt. If your child has any foot pain this season (or any time of year) schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider so he or she can get back to the business of being a kid!

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