What's A Running Studio ? [Hint: Total Awesomeness]

It's nothing but treadmills inside the newly trendy running studiosThere's atrend is popping up across the country that I'm all about: ‘Running Studios,” a runner’s answer to SoulCycle, in a nutshell.

At the newly launched MyStryde in Boston, the only piece of exercise equipment available will be Woodway treadmills, a line of machinery designed to decrease the impact of running in order to prevent stress-related injuries like shin splints.

As a Houston podiatrist, that fact alone is already music to my ears; but wait, it gets better. Running studios not only offer high quality equipment designed to keep you from getting hurt, they also offer classes for all levels of training, beginner to expert, designed to help you run harder, faster and, most importantly, safer. They also offer supportive classes, such as strength training and yoga for runners, that are designed to encourage cross-training and prevent injury.

As a runner myself, I know how incredible this sport can be: there’s nothing like that runner’s high, plus few other forms of exercise are as effective for weight control or building stamina and endurance.

But I also know how easy it is for runners to get hurt, especially newcomers to the sport. That’s why I absolutely love the idea of a runners studio: it offers athletes of all levels to experience the joys and health benefits of running without as much of a risk of encountering the down-sides. I can’t wait for this trend to make its way to Houston!

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.