Chinese Doctors Surgically Attach Man’s Hand to his Ankle

As a Houston podiatrist, I regularly perform foot surgery on my patients, helping repair displaced fractures, removing bunions and operating for various other conditions. In my day, I’ve seen some very strange injuries, but I have yet to see anything as bizarre as a recent operation that occurred in China.This man's hand was saved by being attached to his ankle

According to published reports, Mr. Xiao Wei, an industrial worker from China, was involved in a terrible accident in which his hand was severed. Apparently he was seven hours away from the hospital where his hand could be re-attached; when he finally did arrive there, doctors decided that the hand couldn’t yet be put back in its proper place.

Now here comes the wacky part—in order to maintain blood flow to the severed limb and save the hand, the doctors decided to attach it to his ankle. Yes, you read that correctly—his ankle. For the next MONTH, the man lived with his foot attached to his ankle; at that point, the injury to his wrist had healed enough that the hand could be put back in place.

Clearly, this type of ankle surgery is extremely rare, but even more run-of-the-mill operations can be traumatic. That’s why, at Tanglewood Foot Specialists, we always make sure that surgery is the only available option before recommending it as treatment. I make a promise to my patients that I won’t operate on you unless you really need me to. If you’ve been told you need surgery, I invite you to come and get a second opinion from Dr. Andrew Schneider. Your feet are too important to cut into them haphazardly.

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