Foot Craft Friday: Bee Craft Canvas Art

Their feet won't be this small ever treasure your bee-autiful keepsakeDoesn’t it seem like your kids’ feet grow twelve sizes over the summer? Something about all that fun, sun and ice cream, I guess…Anyways, before the hot weather growth spurt, why not make a lasting memory of their still-little feet and try your hand at creating Footprint Canvas art, as described by

What You’ll Need:
12×12 canvases
Washable paints in various colors
Colored sharpies
Acrylic Sealer
Googly eyes

What You’ll Do:

1. Finger paint {or brush on} a solid color of washable paint on the white canvas for a background.

2. While the background dries, paint your child’s foot and/or have them step into a plate filled with pain

3. Have the kids carefully place a painted footprint down in the middle of the canvas.

4. After the foot print has dried, have fun turning it into an animal!  Using a sharpie to draw in the details, create to your hearts content—we’ve pictured a bumblebee, but just about any winged animal will work fine. Add googly eyes for a touch of playful fun.

5. When everything on the canvas is dry, spray it with a few coats of matte clear acrylic sealer to make sure the colors stay sharp and the paint doesn’t wash away over time.

6. Write the kids’ names and ages on the back… then hang! Framing is optional, but not a bad idea!


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