Foot Craft Friday: Dump Truck Valentine Carrying Love

This dump truck valentine is the perfect gender-neutral footprint craftWithout getting into stereotypes, I’ve noticed that way too many Valentine’s projects don’t appeal to little boys—too much pink, hearts and flowers, am I right?

As a dad to two boys (and one not-so-little anymore princess) I was intrigued by this Sweet and Lovely Crafts Valentine because I think it would appeal to all three of my crew!

Try it out yourself and head over to our Facebook page to see these Valentines’ Kids Footprint Crafts come to life in my Houston podiatry office!

Footprint Dump Truck Carrying Love


  • White paper
  • Construction paper
  • Yellow paint
  • Sharpie
  • Heart-shaped stickers, or scissors and paper to cut out heart shapes
  • Glue



1. Paint the kids feet yellow and stamp them on the paper. Once the paint dries, draw windows and wheels on the truck.

2. Cut a piece of brown paper and glue, on a diagonal, underneath the truck to create a hill. Add grass to the hill or any other detail you like.

3. Next, draw in the bin of the dump truck. Cut out hearts or peel the backs off of heart-shaped stickers, then stick or glue them onto the page, filling the dump truck as high as you like.  Add the words “Sending you loads of love” or any phrase that works for you, then gift away!

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