A cute idea for showing off your adorable Scarecrow Footprint craft!Fall is officially here, and with it comes all the wonderful change-of-season treats we expect: pumpkin-spice everything, football, corn mazes and…scarecrows! To capture the fall spirit (and the beauty of your child’s quickly-growing feet) check out this awesome Footprint Scarecrow project from Sweet and Lovely Crafts. Please share your finished products with us on Facebook!


  • Cream and green color paint
  • Variety of colored markers
  • Paper
  • Pumpkin (optional)


  1. Paint your child’s heel and toes in cream color. Paint the rest of your child’s foot green.
  2. Have your child stamp their footprint on a blank sheet of paper. Allow print to dry.
  3. Together with your child (or on your own, depending on age) draw in scarecrow details, including hair, arms, facial features and, of course, a broom!
  4. Display, share and enjoy!
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