Foot Craft Friday: Guitars

A footprint guitar is a sweet way to capture the print of your little one's feetI have three kids and, I’ll admit, sometimes our house looks a little less than perfectly organized. Just a little.

I recently read that, if you want to get your kids toys straightened out, put pictures on boxes of the kind of toy that should go into that area. Well, then I found this cute craft project idea on Crafty Morning and thought—here’s the perfect picture for the instrument sorting box. Whenever we get to that project…

But hey, what could be cuter than turning your child’s foot into a guitar? Forget the organizing, just do this craft!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Orange Paint

White Paper

Black Sharpie


1. Start by having you or your child paint their feet with orange washable paint. Have them step down on a piece of white cardstock paper and slowly lift up.

2. After the orange paint dries, draw on some guitar strings and music notes dancing around it!

3. If using for an organizing project, consider laminating for a longer lasting project.

Pretty simple right? Capturing sweet memories with your children is the easy part; figuring out what’s wrong when their feet hurt can be tougher. That’s where I come in: if foot pain is keeping your child from enjoying his or her daily routine, schedule an appointment with your Houston podiatrist right away. Aches and pains aren’t just a part of growing up: your child’s foot should never hurt!

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