Foot Craft Friday: Last Minute DIY Gift for Mom

Make mom's day with this homemade keepsakeIt’s two days til Mother’s Day…but don’t panic if you’ve forgotten to get a gift for the special mom (or grandma) in your life: I’m here to rescue you with a unique idea from Art with Ashley that will capture the image of your kids’ precious little feet forever!

Here’s all you need to make this Little “Tweet” Hearts project happen:

  • Canvas
  • Paint
  • Markers
  • Perfect little feet



  1. Paint your kids feet in different colors and stamp their prints on the canvas.
  2. Draw in beaks, bellies, legs and feet.
  3. Paint the names of each child beside their individual bird.
  4. Add the date and the tagline Mommy’s Little “Tweet” Hearts—or customize for your own gift recipient.
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