Foot Craft Friday: The Scream by Edvard Munch

This foot print craft is pretty enough to hang in your living room!We all hope that our kids will appreciate great art: why not pique their interest with a foot craft inspired by the age-old favorite, Edvard Munch’s The Scream (courtesy of The Pinterested Parent)? Warning: this one’s not for beginners.


  • Various paint colors
  • Various sized brushes


  1. Paint the heel of your child’s foot in a light peach tone & then paint the rest of the foot in navy blue.
  2. Paint in the arms & hands, leaving space between the main foot and heel print.
  3. Paint the bottom slat of the fence & then the bridge by painting diagonal brush strokes in browns, yellows, oranges & blues. Paint two more fence slats behind the screaming man.
  4. Paint the fence beams & then paint in between the fence in shades of blue.
  5. Paint a blue curve like shown & paint inside of it in different shades of blue following the curve. Use a thin brush to paint in light strokes of white & orange. Paint a blue curve as seen toward right edge of page & paint inside of it in different shades of blue, following the curve.
  6. Use a thin brush to paint in light strokes of white & orange. Draw a double curve in the horizon. Don’t worry if you mess up—it all blends in the end.
  7. Paint in a small pool of yellow. Paint around the yellow in a darker shade of blue.
  8. Paint in black swirls & accents in the blue. Paint white & light blue swirls around the yellow.
  9. Outline the top of the double curve in yellow & mimic another yellow curve parallel to it. Paint in between the swirls in oranges, light blue, white & more yellows until you have finished the sky.
  10. Paint in the screaming face on the man to finish off your painting.
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