Footcraft Friday: 3D Printing is the New Black Ink Pad

How sweet is this 3D baby foot print?Any parent who has stared in awe at their newborn baby’s tiny footprint will surely appreciate this great idea. What if there was a way to preserve that fleeting tininess in three-dimensional form? Well, now there is!

A man named Adam Proctor has created a new item he calls the 3D Footprint Keepsake, beginning with nothing more than the inkpad footprint he got at the hospital when his daughter was born. Here’s how he did it:

First, he took a picture of the footprint and tinkered with it in software called Gimp; he cropped it, increased brightness and contrast, then cleaned up its edges.

Next, using an App called Shapeways Creator, Proctor was able to make the 2D image into a 3D shape, adding size and depth measurements in millimeters and even adding texture. He added a backing piece, put the baby’s name on it and converted the image into a file that was printable on a 3D printer.

If you’re ready for the challenge, all the steps necessary to create your own are available on Instructables. For those who are less technologically inclined, you can always find great footcraft projects on my Pinterest page.

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