Footcraft Friday: Reindeer Footprint Card

Get your holiday cards done early with this adorable footprint craft!I know what you’re thinking…Thanksgiving was just yesterday, so how can we be talking about Christmas? Well, I hate to break it to you guys, but the holidays are ALL right around the corner.

Why not jump on the seasonal bandwagon with this adorable Christmas card, designed to capture the imprint of your little ones’ feet? Happy Holidays!

Reindeer Footprint Card (From Emma Owl)


  • Card or thick paper
  • Paint (any color, but brown is pictured)
  • A marker – or other antler drawing materials
  • Eyes – used googly eyes, buttons or draw your own
  • A red pom pom


  • Print your footprint onto the card. I suggest printing many feet, because it’s fun and because footprints don’t always work the first time… Print onto a larger piece of paper and then cut out the best one(s)!
  • When your footprint is dry, it is time to give your reindeer a face. Stick on a pom pom nose, draw on two antlers and give him googly eyes!
  • Finally, glue the footprint reindeer onto a red card.
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