These tricks will help you make the most of your footprint crafts with baby!Happy New Year everybody! I hope your 2016 is filled with family, friends, fun and, most of all…good foot health!

Back in 2015, I started a tradition of sharing weekly craft projects to share with your kids and to capture the memory of their tiny, precious little feet…and this year I want to help you do it even better!

With that in mind, I’m offering suggestions for creating great footprint art, courtesy of the Life With My Littles blog. Hope it helps you out!

1. Make baby happy first. Do what works for your little one—feeding, giving him or her a clean diaper, and making sure he or she is well rested. If your baby isn’t happy then he or she won’t cooperate.

2. Set everything up. Make sure you have all of your materials that you need, ready to go, before you start. You want to make sure everything is there so that mid-footprint stamping you don’t have to run to the other room to grab something. Bad idea.

3. Strip baby down to a diaper. And keep him or her that way the whole time. You want to make clean-up as easy as possible.

4. Stamp the footprints assembly-line style. If you’re making multiple cards/projects,  line up all the papers in a row so you can just scoot down the row stamping little footprints. 

5. Wear an apron. You will also get paint everywhere. Don’t have an apron? Wear an old T-shirt and pants you don’t care about.

6. Don’t do a ton of footprints. If you have to make cards for every family member you’ve ever met, give baby a break and divide your project into two or more sessions.

7. Re-paint your baby’s foot every two stamps. You want to make sure that the paint will show up on the paper, and if you don’t have enough paint on your baby’s foot, you may be forced to redo some of the footprints, which is hard and can look bad if your baby is squirmy. So avoid that and just re-paint the foot every two stamps.

8. Wash baby’s feet in between colors. Depending on how squirmy your baby is, you will get paint on both feet. And instead of doing one color on one foot and another color on the other foot at the same time, wash your baby’s feet in between and then do the next one. It will take longer, but it is way easier.

9. Choose paper colors wisely. If you are going to have yellow paint, do not choose yellow paper. It will not show up very well.

11. Choose washable paint, or be really careful. Also see notes 3 and 5. 

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