FootCraft Friday: Footprint Love Keepsake

Dad will love this special home-made gift any time of year!Just because Father’s Day is over doesn’t mean you have to stop showering Dad with love. A colleague of mine shared this awesome Love You Daddy footprint craft with me and I wanted to pass on all the tiny-footed cuteness to you guys. Hope you enjoy!


  • Canvas
  • One or more paint colors (depending on number of children)
  • Pre-made letters
  • Glue


  1. Using letters, spell L_ _ E   Y_U  D A_ _ Y, as shown, on three separate lines. Your child/ren’s hand and footprints will fill in the blanks at a later step. Glue down letters and allow to dry until securely in place.
  2. Paint your child/ren’s hands and feet in one color (if working with more than one child, give each his/her own color.)
  3. Using one handprint as “O,” two connected upside down footprints as “V” and two upright footprints as the “D”s, fill in the blanks to spell “Love You Daddy.”
  4. Once dry, and the names/ages/dates of children. Gift and enjoy!
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