Footcraft Friday: How Does Your Garden Grow?

You can't help but smile when you see the sweet hand and footprint flowersOnce the flood waters recede, it will be time to start reclaiming land and re-planting our gardens. Until we are able to get to that stage, I’d like to share a kids footcraft project from The Thrifty Couple that can help you smile a lit bit and envision a sunny, water-free garden. Hope you can all enjoy!

Hand and Footprint Flowers


All you need for this easy craft is paint, paper and your little one—an easy project to cheer up friends who’ve been displaced from their homes or classrooms.


  1. Paint hands with one or two colors of paint.
  2. Place both palms down on paper, with bottoms of palms touching and fingers spread.
  3. Paint stem coming from palms to the bottom of the page.
  4. Paint feet green.
  5. Place foot prints on either side of stem, angled out like leaves.
  6. Add in grass, sunshine, names, ages—any decorative detail you like. Let dry and enjoy!
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