Footcraft Friday: Last Minute Father’s Day Gift


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Sweet feet make great rays of sun for dad this year!Still scrambling to find something for Dad this Sunday? What better gift than a piece of art that captures the memories of his little one’s precious feet?

Try out this You Are My Sunshine Footprint Art Project, found on Blessings Overflowing. (Note: this projects works with 1 or as many children as you have!)


  •     Large, Blank Canvas Yellow/Gold Acrylic Paint
  •     Foam Brush
  •     Permanent Marker
  •     Watercolor Pencil


  1. Start in the bottom left corner and paint 1/4 of a circle using the yellow paint and foam brush. Be sure to paint on the edges of the canvas as well.

    2. Paint each child’s foot with the yellow paint and foam brush. If you don’t have 5 kids like in the example, you can use one child’s footprint over and over or alternate between as many kids as you have.

    3. Press your child’s foot onto the canvas, above the circle you made in step 1.

    4. Fill in any gaps or missing toes with the brush and a little paint.

    5. Write the words You Are My Sunshine onto the canvas using the watercolor pencil.

    6. Trace over the words with the permanent marker.

    7. Give to dad, hang and enjoy!
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