Footcraft Friday: Lobster Love

How cute is this hand and footprint lobster craft? Do you remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe says Ross is Rachel’s lobster (if you don’t, check out the full series on Netflix. So worth it.) For those who don’t yet have time to binge-watch, I’ll give you a quick explanation: lobsters mate for life, an unusual display of commitment within the animal kingdom.

You know who else we have a lifetime commitment with? Our kids! But the thing is, their little feet only stay little for so long…and then you blink and they’re suddenly grown-ups. Want a cute project to preserve the memory of their precious foot prints? Try this adorable project from Crafty Crafted.


Hand and Footprint Lobster


  • Red paint
  • Black paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paper



  1. Paint your child’s foot red
  2. Print your painted foot on a piece of paper
  3. Paint your child’s palm red
  4. Print the palm above and on both sides of the footprint
  5. Use a brush to paint a line connecting the footprint to the palm prints
  6. Paint your child’s fingertip black and stamp as the eyes
  7. Add in decorative details as desired. Now your lobster is done!

Want more craft projects like this one? Follow our Kids Foot Crafts board on Pinterest for tons of great ideas to try!

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