Footcraft Friday: Mommy and Me Bear Prints

You'll want to make this Mama and Baby Bear craft on something that will stand the test of timeSo many of the footprint crafts I share involve elaborate machinations by crafty parents…but they don’t involve the parents themselves. Well, all of that changes with this adorable Mama and Baby bear craft from Leah Anne Creations. Hope you enjoy bonding over your child’s sweet feet!


  • Two shades of brown paint
  • Hot glue
  • Pom poms
  • Tote bag, canvas or paper



  1. paint your foot in one shade of brown and your child’s with the other shade.
  2. Stamp side-by-side prints on a tote bag (or paper). Let dry.
  3. Hot glue a pom-pom for the tail, paint some ears, and add some grass underneath.
  4. If using canvas, feel free to frame…if you opted for a tote bag, carry this sweet gem around for a daily reminder of this moment in time.
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