Freaky Friday: Foot Surgery Gone REALLY Bad

The screw that sparked an internet maelstrom by coming out of its owner's ankleI’m loving this new blog feature because it gives me the chance to share some of the creepy photos I find myself bizzarely drawn to.

Last week, Reddit users (and then the internet at-large) were treated to photos of a man with a screw coming out of his ankle (you can see the uncensored photos here. I chose to share a pic of the screw instead, so you don’t lose your lunch reading this post.) Apparently, he broke his ankle and, nine months prior to sharing this photo, had surgery to repair the break.

During the procedure, 10 screws were put in his bones to help the healing process. Over the course of the next few months, one of those screws came loose and pushed its way through his skin. Finally, the man saw his surgeon and had the rogue screw removed. He is, apparently, now recovering nicely.

As we all know, foot and ankle is a big deal—and as this horror story indicates, when things go wrong, they go really, really, wrong!

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