Glen “Big Baby” Davis Back on the Court after Two Foot Surgeries

Big baby knows how difficult foot surgery can be to deal withMany of you will remember Glen Davis from his magical NBA title runs with the Boston Celtics. Now he plays for the Orlando Magic, or he did until, at the end of January, he fractured his foot during a game and had to go in for a season-ending foot surgery.

All seemed to be going well in his recovery but then, in the beginning of July, Davis had to have another foot surgery. Apparently, a screw from the first operation had come loose, and surgeons went in to replace it in the NBA star’s fifth metatarsal bone (the metatarsals are the connective bones at the top of the foot.)

In spite of his rough year and even rougher summer, the Magic have announced that Davis is back in commission and can return to the game. Wisely, the word on the street is that the team will use him sparingly to avoid any further complications to the original injury. There have been many jokes making the sports blog circuits about the Magic babying ‘Big Baby,” but I’ll spare you those and just tell you this.  

Whether you are a professional athlete playing in the NBA or a regular person trying to live your life, foot surgery can be a major disruption. If you have to have surgery done on your foot or ankle, you want it done properly the first time. Schedule a surgical consultation with Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider at Tanglewood Foot Specialists to ensure you receive an expertly performed procedure. 

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