It was reported that rap superstar Drake visited a hospital in Toronto to take care of a foot injury that he sustained. While there he praised the frontline healthcare workers who were leading the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

While I have no argument with his message...every healthcare worker on the front lines risking exposure to themselves and their families should be lauded as heroes...I do take issue with the fact that Drake went to the hospital at all.

There are good options that Drake could have used to both protect him from exposure to the virus in the hospital as well as diverting resources to treating his non-emergent foot injury. First and foremost, he should have sought out a local podiatrist who was open for emergency visits. Most podiatrists, like our Houston office, has x-ray capabilities in-office and could have assessed and treated his foot in a safe space.

If Drake couldn't find a podiatrist's office open, he could have visited a stand-alone emergency room. There, they are likely treating cases such as his and not directly dealing with COVID-19 patients.

Finally, Drake could have taken advantage of telemedicine for the initial consultation to determine if an in-person visit is even necessary. With a video visit, his foot injury could have been assessed and the determination could have been made if he needed an x-ray or further evaluation in person.

Because of COVID-19, now is not the time to go to the hospital, unless absolutely necessary. You risk your own exposure to the virus and divert healthcare workers away from the work they most need to be doing. Our Houston podiatry office would have been a perfect choice for Drake, as we are open, have x-ray and ultrasound for easy on-site diagnosis, and is a safe, virus-free environment. If you suffer a foot injury in Houston, contact our office for an immediate appointment, whether in-office or virtual.

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