Can't do a running warmup? Try dancing instead!When you’re an Olympic athlete, an injury like a broken foot is obviously a major setback. Even if your sport doesn’t require you to stand on your injured leg, you’ll more than likely have to change up many of your routines.

U.S. Luger Kate Hansen showed the world just how she warms up when she has a broken foot as she prepared for her competitions this week—she dances to Beyonce music. Hansen’s moves have gone viral, even prompting Russian spectators to chant “Dance! Dance! Dance” before her competition yesterday.

Unfortunately, Hansen failed to medal in her event, coming in 10th place instead of standing on the podium as she had hoped. But just because she didn’t win this time doesn’t mean we can’t learn an important lesson from her resilience.

As an athlete, you have several choices when you sustain a sports injury.  You can quit altogether, play through the pain or, like Hansen, modify your routines to accommodate your injury and allow yourself to heal.

As a Houston podiatrist I am, of course, in favor of the third option. An injury doesn’t have to mean the end of your athletic career, or even a long-term hiatus. If you consult carefully with your doctor, chances are you can still participate in your favorite pastime, as long as you stick to his or her instructions.

If you’ve injured your foot or ankle and want to find out if you can still participate in your favorite sports, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider today. If there’s a safe way for you to stay active, we’ll find it together. 

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