“Hot in Cleveland” star Valerie Bertinelli, also well known for her role as Jenny Craig spokesperson and as star of the 70s hit series “One Day at a Time” is going to have to take her recovery one day at a time this new year after breaking her foot.Valerie Bertinelli getting ready for foot surgery

According to a tweet from the actress, who is also the ex-wife of rock star Eddie Van Halen, she broke her left foot while trying to chase her cats off the counter. She told her Twitter followers that she was having surgery on New Year’s Day to repair the injury with a hashtag of #brokenfoot. After posting about the surgery, she said she hoped to be running again by spring.

When you believe you have broken your foot you may, like Ms. Bertinelli, head to the hospital emergency room; once there, be prepared for a long wait as patients with more pressing injuries are taken in ahead of you. As your Houston Podiatrist, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to go to the hospital if you think you’ve broken your toe, foot or ankle: you can come see me at Tanglewood Foot Specialists. In my office, I can evaluate your injury and determine whether your fracture can be treated with immobilization (cast or splint); if you have a displaced fracture (the bones have shifted during your injury and need to be put back in place), I can even perform surgery to repair the injury.

If you are experiencing foot pain, and you think you’ve sprained or broken your foot, be smart and skip the hospital. Come see Dr. Andrew Schneider for top quality care without hours in a waiting room.

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