A few weeks ago, I blogged about how “Hot in Cleveland” star Valerie Bertinelli admitted to gaining some weight after she broke her foot because she had to stop working out.

After making this admission, the story got a lot of media attention, probably because Bertinelli has been a Jenny Craig spokeswoman, losing 40lbs with the company back in 2012.

Well, maybe she’s worried about losing her spokesperson gig or maybe she’s just sick of people speculating about her weight, but Valerie decided to set the record straight this week, clarifying that, “Contrary to published reports, I did not gain 50 pounds when I broke my foot, I gained like 12 to 15, I’ve already taken off 5 of them.”

Apparently, now that her injury has healed, she’s hitting the gym again, working out on the elliptical and taking boot camp classes. While things are heading in the right direction for Bertinelli, the actress did say that she still hasn’t been able to return to running.

For anyone who has broken a foot, the length of the recovery process is a major focal point. In my Houston podiatrist office, I do my best to limit the amount of time a broken toe, foot or ankle will keep you out of commission, without sacrificing your recovery, of course. If, at any point you have questions about how you can stay active and what exercises are safe for you to do after you have healed, I am always available to help. Give us a all to schedule an immediate appointment. Together, we can make the best out of a bad situation and help you avoid a negative broken foot experience like Valerie Bertinelli’s. 

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