Elsa Hosk can make even her foot-fracture assistive device a little more glam!Let’s face it. Podiatry isn’t the most glamorous of medical specialties. I spend a lot of time correcting bunions and ingrown toenails. I reset fractured feet. Heck, I even clear up toenail fungus and athlete’s foot! So, it’s not every day that I get to talk about supermodels…

But today I can! Victoria’s Secret runway model Elsa Hosk has broken her foot! I don’t know how (and she’s not wearing any type of immobilizing boot or cast) but she is hanging out in New York with a knee walker (a great assistive device for those with sprains or fractures that don’t feel comfortable on crutches and aren’t good candidates for walking boots!)

There’s not much to else to say about the incident, so I’ll just let you enjoy the model’s Instagram photo of her “foot-fracture chic” new look. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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