When it Takes a Spy Mission to Talk an Your Ankle Surgery

Kim Jong-Un appears publicly, but needs a cane after ankle surgeryA little while back, I wrote a blog about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and how reports were circulating that he’d broken both his ankles after a substantial weight gain and overly vigorous activity.

In the midst of those reports, Jong-un completely vanished from the public eye; he only re-appeared a few weeks ago, using a walking stick but not wearing casts.

During his absence, people speculated that perhaps his government had been overthrown in a coup; others surmised that he was extremely ill and did not want to reveal his weakness publicly.

Since North Korea is an already-unstable nation with nuclear weapons, any unrest in the country warrants international concern so, naturally, spies needed to investigate the situation.

During a legislative briefing held last week, the Australian NIS (National Intelligence Service) cleared up all the confusion, thanks to information obtained by South Korean spies.

Apparently, foreign medical experts were flown to Pyongyang in September, in order to perform ankle surgery on Jong-un, removing a cyst that was found on his ankle joint earlier in the year.  His recovery has apparently progressed to the point where weight bearing and public appearances are, once again, possible.

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