6 Signs That Mean Your Child Needs a Podiatrist

Watch your little ones' feet closely for any signs of a brewing problemChildren, especially younger ones, may not always have the words needed to explain that they are experiencing a foot problem. As parents, we need to look for the non-verbal clues that will tell us our kids’ feet are in pain. Here are a few solid signs to watch for: 
  1. Your child avoids letting you see his or her feet. Especially for children who are afraid of the doctor, this could be a good clue that something is wrong—they may be concealing a visible condition like a fungal or ingrown toenail or an athlete’s foot infection.
  2. Your child no longer wants to take part in his or her favorite active games—foot or heel pain may be the culprit.
  3. Your little one trips a lot, especially when running: this could be a sign of a foot imbalance, which can often be corrected with the help of custom orthotics.
  4. Running is hard work—your little one gets tired quickly and/or can’t keep up with peers. Flat feet, another problem orthotics can help correct, may be the culprit here.
  5. You notice anything unusual about your child’s gait—walking with toes pointing in, out…etc.
  6. Your child tells you that his or her feet, toes or ankles are hurting.

Some of these signs are obviously easier to notice than others, but that doesn’t mean any one indication is more important than another. If you ever suspect that your child is experiencing foot pain, don’t hesitate—schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider right away. Especially with my youngest patients, whose feet are in a crucial period of development, I always prefer that parents err on the side of caution and get their feet examined at the first hint of a problem.

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