Former Rocket Carlos Delfino Has Foot Surgery for Broken Foot


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Last year, when he was a Houston Rocket, Milwaukee Bucks guard-forward Carlos Delfino broke his foot during a playoff game against Oklahoma City. He had foot surgery on Saturday in his native Argentina. He has not been able to play this entire season, after a setback in his recovery left him in a walking boot during the Bucks’ training camp.Carlos Delfino had foot surgery for an injury sustained as a Rocket

The surgery was reportedly successful, and now Delfino will have his right foot immobilized for eight weeks; he will also not be allowed to bear weight during that period. This is pretty standard following foot surgery; immobilization is necessary to allow the repaired bone to heal.

Despite having access to the high-quality surgeons utilized by the NBA, Delfino decided to go home in order to undergo his procedure. As a Houston podiatrist, I can completely understand why he’d make that choice. Foot surgery can be scary, especially if, like Delfino, you need to stay on your feet to do your job.

In my Tanglewood Foot Specialists practice, I take time to perform comprehensive evaluations with every patient before even contemplating surgery. I see foot surgery as a last resort, and will try to come up with alternative solutions to control your foot pain. If surgery is in fact your only option, I perform the surgery myself and follow you throughout your recovery, making sure you get back to your life as soon as you possibly can.

If you have an injury that hasn’t healed properly and you’ve been told you need to have surgery, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider. I will help you make sure that surgery is your only option, and will come up with a recovery timeline that can help allay your operative worries.

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