If World Class Athletes Get Second Opinions, You Should Too

Peyton Manning is seeking a second opinion before treating his torn plantar fasciaBy now, you probably know that Peyton Manning has a partially torn plantar fascia (especially if you read my blog as often as you should) and that the Denver Bronco’s QB has been forced to sit out several games while he determines a treatment plan-of-action.

Although Manning has obviously been tended-to by his team’s top docs, reports have emerged that the star recently flew to North Carolina to meet with a foot specialist in Charlotte for a second opinion regarding his recommended treatment plan.

Although it’s still unclear as to whether or not Manning will need to have surgery, several of his teammates applauded his decision to seek advice from more than one physician.

““I would do the same thing,” said Broncos’ tight end Owen Daniels. “If I had a foot issue, I would want to go see the best in the world, as well, just to make sure you’re getting the right opinion. As an athlete, you respect what the team doctors have to say and what the trainers have to say, but you’ve got to do your due diligence.”

I could not agree more with Mr. Daniels. Team doctors are, of course, highly skilled, but they also have to balance the interests of the individual athlete with those of the overall team’s well-being. And sometimes, unfortunately, what’s best for the player isn’t best for the team.

For that important reason, I always encourage athletes to get a second opinion before making any medical decisions, especially before getting an operation. In my Houston podiatry practice, I am happy to offer second-opinion consultations, so schedule your visit with Dr. Schneider today.
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