Olympic Skier Maggie Voisin May Need Foot Surgery

Maggie Voisin is out of the Olympics because of a broken ankleFor those of you who have been closely following Team USA’s progress at the Sochi Olympics, I have a sad update to share.

Earlier this week I mentioned that the youngest American Olympic athlete, Maggie Voisin, had injured her foot during a practice run on the controversial Rhosa Khutor park slopestyle course.

We now have official word that she has broken her fibula (the outer bone between the knee and ankle), just above her ankle. When she first got up from her fall last Friday, her foot was just a bit sore, but she got an X-ray anyways. The images revealed the fracture; now, she’ll need another x-ray in a week or so to determine if she’ll need surgery. Her expected recovery time is four-to-six-weeks, which obviously means she won’t be competing in any Sochi events.

As a Houston podiatrist, I think we can all learn an important lesson from Maggie. When she got up from her fall, she was just a bit sore and was able to walk away from the course on her own two feet. Imagine if she had tried to be ‘tough’ and had kept going with her training runs? Instead of catching her broken bone on x-ray she would have exacerbated the injury and would most certainly be facing a longer recovery time. She could have even permanently jeopardized her athletic career.

If an Olympic athlete like Maggie Voisin has the good sense to pause her training for medical attention after a seemingly minor injury, we should definitely do the same. If you experience foot pain after a fall or stumble, come see me immediately, even if you think you can walk it off. The sooner we catch your injury, the better your recovery outcome will be. 

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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