So Cool! South Korean Boy Gets 3D Printed Heel Bone

An illustration of the printed heel bone being inserted to a model footI just heard an amazing story from the doctors in South Korea that I just had to share with all of you. A young man arrived at the South Korean National Cancer Center, having lost much of his foot when a cancerous tumor had to be surgically removed.

Fearing amputation, the man turned to the doctors at the National Cancer Center and Dr. Kang Hyun-Guy: building him a new heel bone on a 3D printer. Once successfully printed, the new bone was attached; this procedure marks only the second instance of a successful printed heel-bone transplant.

The new possibilities presented by 3D printing never cease to amaze me! In my own office, I strive to bring the latest available technology to my Houston podiatry practice. From MicroVas therapy for peripheral neuropathy to the Keryflex nail restoration system for fungal toenails, I seek the most-up-todate (and least invasive) treatment options to cure my patients’ ailments.

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Dr. Andrew Schneider
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