Skin issues of the footIf you are anything like me and my family, you've been spending a lot of time at home. When you're spending time at home, we tend to scrutinize ourselves quite a bit. You find yourself sitting on the couch and looking over your arms, your legs, and your feet asking yourself "what's that bump? Was that bump there yesterday?" In everyday life, who really takes the time to scrutinize their feet?

There are some skin issue that you may see that may be worthy of some attention. For instance, if you're seeing some redness between your toes, along with a macerated appearance, that is a sign of athlete's foot. The thing with athlete's foot when it's between your toes is that it is often a mixed infection involving both fungus and bacteria. There are special prescribed antibiotics that are used for those infections.

You may notice some extreme dryness on the bottom of your foot. That may not only be dryness, but also may be athlete's foot that is causing your feet to dry and crack.

You may notice a bump on top of your toes that could be a corn.

You may notice a bump, a series of bumps, or a whole family of bumps on the bottom of your foot and they can be plantar warts.

These issues may not be emergencies. If you're currently on home restriction, you may not want to necessarily come into the office for something as simple as this. That is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of telemedicine. Through that I'll be able to look at the skin on your feet, tell you what's going on, and be able to suggest a good treatment for your to use. There will be times, though, where you will need to come to the office. But generally speaking, we are able to manage skin issues very effectively using telemedicine.

If you have a skin issue that is problematic, contact our office to schedule a telemedicine virtual visit or in-office visit.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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