Houston Podiatrist Treating foot pain with regenerative medicine, PRP, Stem Cell Injections, and Exosomes injection therapyToday I'd like to talk to you about regenerative medicine. What is regenerative medicine? When you're in the doctor's office and you get a cortisone injection. And that's designed to reduce the inflammation, but it's not meant to help the tissue to regenerate and have healthy tissue heal. When you do look for healthy tissue to regenerate, that's where we are looking towards regenerative medicine.

Three Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

That's when we draw blood here in the office, spin it in a centrifuge and draw the plasma away from your own blood. And then inject that plasma into the area of inflammation. We very often see a nice reduction in inflammation. It can take up to six weeks to see a full benefit of platelet-rich plasma.

Amniotic stem cells

Amniotic fluid is full of rich, healthy young cells and growth factors. And we're able to have a, of course, medically prepared version that's arrived at the office frozen. We thaw it and immediately inject it into the inflamed area. And again, those growth factors help to regenerate the tissue.

Exosomes Cell Injections

Exosomes are what the stem cells pretty much open up into. It takes a stem cell injection up to six weeks to see the full results because it takes time for those exosomes to be released. When we use exosome cell injections, the exosomes are injected straight into the problematic area and we see a much quicker response, often two to three weeks.


When is Regenerative Medicine Used For Foot Pain?

Heel Pain

If someone has plantar fasciitis that hasn't responded, we'll turn to regenerative medicine and inject either amniotic stem cells, PRP or exosomes into the area to try to jumpstart the healing.

Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon can never have a cortisone injection because of some intricacies having to do with the tendon itself. But it's very safe to use regenerative medicine when it comes to the Achilles tendon and it worked very successfully.

Tendonitis and Partial Tendon Tears

It works quite well with that as well. If we have a tendon tear that's not healing as well, an injection of PRP stem cells or exosomes are very helpful for that. So if you've been fighting any of these conditions and you just haven't gotten on top of it, it's worth giving regenerative medicine a try.

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