Footcraft Friday: C is for Corn


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Footprint corn is as delicious as your child's sweet footprint!Teaching your kids the alphabet is a sweet part of the growing-up process—and so is capturing the imprint of their quickly-growing feet!

That’s why I love this integrative art project from Fantastic Fun and Learning: it creates a sweet footprint memento while also teaching your little one the challenging sounds of c! Hope you enjoy!


  • White and green construction paper
  • Yellow paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Paint your child’s foot yellow and stamp on white construction paper. Let dry.
  2. Cut the footprint out, leaving just a small ring of white around the print.
  3. Take the green construction paper and cut out the husk as seen on the right.
  4. Glue the cut-out footprint behind the husk so that just the toes and the ball of the foot are peeking out.
  5. You’re done, now sing those ABCs!
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