The Wall Street Journal Stole My Line!

Try other options before opting for foot surgeryFor about as long as I have been in practice as a Houston podiatrist, it has always been my philosophy to exhaust non-invasive treatment options before recommending foot surgery to my patients. I’ve asked people to come to my office at the first sign of a problem, so that we can treat concerns like bunions early, before they become so enlarged and painful that they must be surgically corrected.

Well, this week, the Wall Street Journal published a story singing my old tune…as if it were new information!

In the article published Aug. 31, experts talked about the availability of insoles to redistribute foot pressure, helping with diabetic foot problems, heel pain and other issues I commonly treat in just that fashion.

Many experts were quoted in the piece on the downsides of foot surgery—one of the biggest being the extended period of downtime following a procedure on the foot and ankle.

Sometimes, your only option for treating a foot injury is surgery—but lots of other times, there are better, less invasive options. The sooner you come see Dr. Andrew Schneider for your foot pain, the less likely it is that you will need to go under the knife. Schedule your appointment today!
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